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For more on multiple configuration files, refer to “Multiple Configuration Files” on page 5-33. For example, to upload the current startup configuration to a file named sw2910 in the configs directory on drive “d” in a TFTP server having an IP address of HP Switch# copy startup-config tftp d:\configs\sw2910

If you do have a firewall license installed, please refer to the Aruba Controller with PEF License document. All configuration changes will take place under the “Configuration” tab of the web interface. Add Certificate. For the captive portal to work without security warnings, you need to upload a certificate to the controller.
Sep 15, 2019 · Symptom: Using Prime Infrastructure 3.1.6 'Controller Configuration Backup' job fails configured to an external, verified to work FTP server Conditions: WLC 5508 s/w, Prime Infrastructure 3.1.6, External woking FTP server
So, we've noticed that occasionally the raid controllers and/or the PowerVault's can lose their configuration. In very rare cases they can both lose their configuration at the same time. Is there an easy way to backup the raid configuration so a text file, etc. that can be printed off or kept in a s...
2019-04-23T09:20:57+08:00 Aruba Controller 可以從GUI或CLI可以強迫將目前有連上的Wifi ... (Cisco Controller)>config advanced backup-controller primary ...
William Carr, Chief Mobility Architect at Comm Solutions, explains how to perform an Aruba Networks image upgrade / mobility controller backup.
The Aruba Support Portal (ASP) has all current software and documents for all current Aruba products. To improve your support experience, we are consolidating all support sites to ASP and the Aruba Support Center Documentation and Download Software folders will no longer be updated after April 30, 2020.
Sep 16, 2019 · Symptom: At present when you run the "controller configuration backup" job and if it fails or is partial success, there are no details on which all devices it ran successfully and which ones it failed on, to pin point the controllers.
We just got a new Aruba wireless setup this summer containing a virtual Mobility Master and two controllers running OS 8.2. What are the steps I should be doing to backup all the configuration files? Also, I'm using Cattools and I have a TFTP server so i'd love to be able to automate this.
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  • ├───aruba_task_lists # Ansible Task Lists │ ├───aos_cx # Task Lists for ArubaOS-CX │ ├───aos_switch # Task Lists for ArubaOS-Switch │ └───ztp # Task Lists for the ZTP Solution ├───config # Place for generated switch configs ├───files # Place for any additional files that are used in tasks ├───filter_plugins # Ansible default ...
  • 2. Select file type 'Configuration', transfer mode 'TFTP' 3. Enter your laptop ip address , file path '/' and enter a unique file name. 4. Select 'Upload' in the upper right and confirm the backup file is successfully backed up via your TFTP server. To recover on this wlc or a replacement, simply use the same process from the 'Download file ...
  • - [Narrator] To configure OpenFlow…on an HP Provision Switch, do the following:…Type configure, openflow.…That takes you to Global OpenFlow Configuration Mode.…Specify a controller that's going to manage the Switch.…In this case, the command controller-id 1 is specified;…the range is from 1-128.…That allows you to have multiple controllers managing…separate instances on the ...
  • In the Virtual Controller column, click on the virtual controller to navigate to the Access Points > List view of the virtual controller. Click the Config icon. The default tabs to configure the virtual controller are displayed. Click Show Advanced to view advanced configuration options.
  • Dec 12, 2018 · Click on Maintenence> Configuration Management. Click on Backup> Configuration. Click on Create Backup. Copy the file off with FTP/TFTP/SCP or whatever you want. That will allow you to roll back the configuration later by restoring it. Alternatively, you can click on Backup Flash to backup the Entire MM, instead. ×.

This article will introduce the procedure used to view and backup the current BMC configuration with the Lenovo XClarity Essentials Windows OneCLI. How to back up and restore the XClarity Controller configuration using the Lenovo XClarity Essentials Windows OneCLI - Lenovo Support US

Jul 21, 2017 · To restore an old configuration, the process is just as easy. Simply click on “Restore configuration” instead of “Back up configuration”, select the configuration file you wish to restore, and click “OK”. Here, you’ll find our favorite part of the backup and restoration process: it’s selective. William Carr, Chief Mobility Architect at Comm Solutions, explains how to perform an Aruba Networks image upgrade / mobility controller backup. Dec 01, 2010 · Under the appropriate IDE controller, click the “Add Attachment” button. You’ll see a hard disk get added automatically, but it probably won’t be the correct one. Click it and on right side, under “Hard Disk,” choose the correct .vdi file. Click “OK.”

I have connected the Aruba Controller to port ge-0/0/10 on the Juniper switch and configured that port as a trunk port with the native VLAN being UserLAN and the member VLANs as the rest of the VLANs. Juniper port ge-0/0/0 is also configured as a trunk port on the UserLAN VLAN and connects to my firewall that has an IP of

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The following configuration is the corresponding VRRP configuration for the peer controller. (host)(config) #vrrp 22. vlan 22. ip address priority 100. preempt. authentication password. description Backup-Master. tracking master-up-time 30 add 20. no shutdown. Use the following commands to associate the VRRP instance with master ...